Farm Chic…

Aqua Rosette Picture Frame

Aqua Red Pink Dessert Table with Fabric Lined Apple Basket and Rosette Hair Clip Favors with DIY Caramel Apples, Pink Cupcake Stand, Silly Band Candy Box, Aqua Rock Candy, Paper Bunting

Dessert Table before the cupcakes came out…

DIY Fabric Bunting with Tanya Whelan Darla Fabric, Ribbon and Tissue Paper Flower

I love fabric bunting…I fell in love with this Tanya Whelan line and used it everywhere I could…

Farm Party, Red Wagon, DIY Glassine Bag and Red, Pink & Aqua Twine

Pink Gingham Tablecloth, Hot Dog Buffet, Pink Lemonade and Sweet Tea in Beverage Canisters, Popcorn and PB&J in Galvanized and Fabric Lined Buckets, Custom Bottle Water Labels

Aqua Picnic Lung Bag, Custom Water Bottle Label, Red Roses in Ball Jar

Custom Old Fashioned Party Crackers Favor with Farm Shaped Silly Bands Bandz Tied with Aqua Ribbon

Old Fashioned Party Crackers…

qua Basket Liner, Apple Basket Bucket, DIY Red Tanya Whelan Darla in Rosie Flower Rosette Hairclip Button with Farm Stickers

Favor Baskets with Rosette Hair Clips…

PB&J wrapped in Glassine Paper, tied with Aqua, Cherry & Cotton Candy Divine Twine, in Tanya Whelan Darla Fabric Lined Galvanized Bucket

Farm Party, Red Wagon, DIY Glassine Bag and Red, Pink & Aqua Twine

I used my Divine Twine anywhere I could…These were the glassine bags filled with animal and fish food

I have so many more photos, I am still sorting thru them all…I’ll keep posting

The beautiful pictures above were taken by Amy Landis Photography

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24 Responses to “Farm Chic…”
  1. 10.29.2010

    This party is so beautiful! I love the colors and all of the sweet details!
    I would love to feature your party on my blog.

  2. admin

    That would be so sweet of you!!!…I read your blog all the time!!!!!!!!!

  3. 10.30.2010

    Hey – I am loving this party! Would love to feature it on our blog… but thought I should check if that’s ok first :)

  4. admin

    Hi Renee!!
    Thanks for the sweet words…you are more than welcome to:)

  5. 10.30.2010

    FANTASTIC job!!! the details are so great and i love the colors!!! can’t wait to see what other fun things you will do!

  6. LeeAnne

    Where did you find the cupcake stand and the other 2 pink stands?? I need them!!

  7. 10.31.2010

    Hi! I found your party from Kara’s Party ideas, it’s so cute! How about one more feature? It looks like you have several already, but I would love to feature you on my blog as well. Would you mind? Thanks so much! My email is if you are interested.


  8. Jennifer

    Thank you so much Carrie!!
    I hope you follow along!!

  9. Jennifer

    Hi LeeAnne!
    I got the 2 pink stands at the beloved Home Goods, and the Cupcake Stand at The Christmas Tree Shop when I was visiting family up north…

  10. Jennifer

    Hi Aubree!!
    There is never such a thing as too many features!!…I would be delighted!!

  11. Jenny D.

    What an amazing job! Love all the details. Would you ever consider creating your graphics in boy colors? I have a baby shower to plan that screams this theme!

  12. Jennifer

    Jenny…Absolutely!!! I have one already in Green and Yellow that I have to photograph, but I would be happy to do it in any colors you would need. I also have, cupcake toppers, favor tags etc… to go along with it. I am working on getting everything my etsy shop up…Let me know if I can help you!!

  13. This party is wonderful!! There are so many amazing details! You did a fabulous job!! I’m founder of and I’d love to show your party off on our homepage in our Party of the Day. Please email me if you are interested at Again, what a cool party! Best,

  14. 11.04.2010

    Well….looks like the features keep coming!!!…I’d love to add you on my blog….you party is AMAZING!!! GREAT JOB!! Email me at if you ok my feature. THANKS!! So nice to see your beautiful work! ~Nancy~

  15. Gorgeous party!!! This definitely put you on the radar and you totally deserve it! Fabulous details!

  16. Jennifer

    Thank you so much Amy!!!

  17. 11.14.2010

    Hi there! I found your pictures on CPN and thought I’d check out your blog. I am planning a barnyard party for my niece and your party has the feel that I was looking for…I love the different take on a classic theme! Great job!

  18. This is lovely and fun at the same time! I love the colors, the style, everything! Well done!

  19. vanessa

    wow you are such an inspiration! who would have thought you could class up a farm party. ;0 my son’s bday party is at a farm this yr and i love love what you did. great job!!!! i might ‘steal’ your candle apple idea! thanks again.

  20. Ashley

    Did you ever post more pictures =)

  21. Melanie

    I love this party, and I’m actually trying to plan one for my daugther (last minute) at Hill Ridge Farms too–we live in Raleigh too! I was wondering if you could let me know where you got your water bottle covers. Also, would there be any way that I could see more pictures? I would love to see a little more detail. Also, would you recommend Hill Ridge Farms as a party place?

    Thank you, thank you!

  22. 12.24.2011

    What did the invitations look like?

  23. Jennifer

    Hi Jenny!
    The invitation is the first picture in this blog post…

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